Jon Erik Schønheyder
Current Projects
2012: Oppdal, Norway Transitioning from a 10 year long commitment to Oppdal Booking to new endevours. Feels great!

One of them being creating a good working environment. Inspired by google, yahoo and facebook offices!

2009-2012: Oppdal, Norway Focusing on improving results in current operations and reducing project related work. Separating strategy related work away from current operations.

I still have some pet projects!
- VacationHomeOwner web module integrated with the R360 booking system that allows owners to reserve or block usage, while also integreating it with a energy control/heating system.

Winter 2007-2008: Oppdal, Norway Design and implementation of panorama display in ski area. Main purpose to communicate open/closed status and important messages to customers. Solution includes aluminum frame, LED status signs and a LED message board good for direct sunlight, alert flash light, environment sensors and remote controlling and logging of multiple boards.
September 2002: Oppdal, Norway  Project coordination in implementing administrative IT solutions for a tourism company. Currently working on implementing an online booking system with payment and packaging for Norway's largest ski resort including all the bells and whistles (and challenges) one can expect.

Spare time projects:
- 1-wire weather sensor network to notify perfect snowmaking conditions
- Lodging unit price optimization with roadside electronic price displays.
- Fundraising for West-African NGO.
- Kitewing winter surfing (see www.kitewing.no or www.kitewing.com)

August 2002: Kingston, Jamaica During a month long visit, I will be interviewing Jamaican scholars and business managers about the economy to assess how the network economy can benefit independent tourism service suppliers and research opportunities for socially responsible tourism. I will also be volunteering with Jamaica Red Cross. [More...]
July 2002: Salvador da Bahia, Brazil The fascinating martial art of Capoeira brings me to Salvador to study and learn more of its current forms taught by Mestre Gilson. Capoeira is a martial art brought to Brazil by African slaves. As slave masters banned practices, slaves disguised the art as a dance. Today the practice has become more showy and acrobatic, while it's origins where nothing less than lethal !
July 2002: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   Two first weeks of July I will be learning about development efforts in Rio, particularly micro credit projects. I will also visit a Swedish project Abrigo Rainha Silvia that helps single parent mothers off the street with education and daycare.
Nov 2001 - June 2002: Twin Cites, MN USA Fraud and risk analysis for major bank. Predictive models and account profiling. Mostly database and spreadsheet work. Pet-project: Designed employee recognition database.
Pre 2002
Common Currency in West Africa (Spring 2001)
Culture and Economic Development (Spring 2001)
Senegalese Red Cross (Fall 2000)
Foreign Aid Efficiency - Econometrics approach (Fall 1999)
International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (Fall 1999)
International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (Fall 1999)